Senior Business Operations Associate

San Francisco, California, United States


About us

Front Row's mission is to ensure every child get a world class education. Today, we reach nearly 7 million students across 35% of American schools. We work with hundreds of thousands of teachers across the world to help them reach all of their students at their levels, so every student grows. We also help them engage their students with relevant, interesting, and effective curriculum.

Teachers all around the world continue to face the same problem they have for a century: they have 30+ students in their class of varying ability who all learn at their own pace, and no real way to reach them all. This is the problem Front Row solves: we make software and content that makes it easy for teachers to reach all their students at their level without spending all their time making content or grading.

In a Front Row classroom, teachers focus on helping individual and small groups of students succeed rather than spending their time making and grading worksheets.

Front Row is a Series A funded team of 40, and is well on its way to profitability.

The Role:

You'll work across the entire company with every function, from engineering to product to marketing to sales to curriculum. You'll work on important issues that affect the company, and will help different functions be more successful.

We love generalists who can quickly bring themselves up to speed on a variety of topics and functions. The role will change week to week and you will have a significant, tangible impact on the company and the team.

Most importantly, your work will have purpose: Front Row is a mission-driven company that takes pride in making a significant impact in the lives of millions of students.

BizOpsers will have the opportunity to own tasks across the company, including:


The ideal candidate:


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